Before use

1.Agree to terms of use

Users of this site can use the service after agreeing to these terms.

2.Agree to change of terms of use

This site may revise the contents of this agreement at any time without obtaining the consent of the user, and the user shall consent to this without objection.

About the use of free music

1.Freedom of purpose of use

The music on this site is royalty-free and can be used for any purpose as background music.
It can be used in all fields such as commercial use, events, videos, games, etc.

2.Copyright display

The copyright of all music on this site belongs to the composer “Tentsu“.
Please display or announce the copyright and URL when using free music regardless of the purpose.
The song name may be omitted.

“Royalty Free Music Oto Note / Tentsu”

If you cannot display or announce, it is prohibited to use.

3.No need to report free music use

No report is required regarding the use of free music on this site.
But I would be grateful if you could report it to the forum!

4.Freedom to arrange or edeited free music

Free music can be arranged or edited freely.
You can echo edit, cut edit, add audio, etc. to free music.
Please display or announce the copyright even after arranging or editing.

5.Freedom to play and sing free songs

Free music can be freely played and sung for purposes other than BGM.
It can be used at recitals, concerts, singing sessions, etc.
In that case, please display or announce the copyright.

Prohibited matter

1.Secondary sale and secondary distribution of free music

Free music may not be sold or distributed by third parties.
(Prohibition example)

  • Selling and distributing free songs
  • Creating a site where you can download free songs
  • Direct link to free music
  • Publish a video that just adds one photo to a free song
  • Selling and distributing of free music arranged and edited

If you have any other concerns, please contact us using the contact form.

2.Use against public order and morals

The free music on this site cannot be used for acts that are offensive to public order and morals or antisocial behavior.

3.Youtube content ID registration

Please do not register the free music of this site in the content ID of Youtube.
If a video using a free song is registered in the content ID, it cannot be used by other users.
If the content ID is registered, we will file an objection.

4.Registration with a copyright management organization

Free music on this site must not be registered with a copyright management organization.
The copyright of all music on this site belongs to the composer “Tentsu”.


“Oto Note” does not take any responsibility for any damage or trouble caused by using this site.

For prohibited or malicious acts

The validity, interpretation and performance of this agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law.
For all disputes based on this agreement, such as prohibited acts and malicious acts, the district court or summary court of the location of the operator “Tentsu” of “OtoNote” shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdiction court of the first instance.

2018/12/1 Enforcement