Tentsu’s real name is Satoshi Maeda(前田 哲).

He is an optimistic musician.

His work is composition, vocalist, pianist and music instructor.

He likes cats.

He respects all music.

His hobbies are walking, muscle training, cross bike, driving, traveling, drawing, playing games, and mahjong.

Music history

His favorite instruments are piano, vocals and guitar.

His piano performances are good at the genres of classical, jazz and film music.

He has a high level of skill as a vocalist, and his live performances are also popular.

As a composer, he specializes in various genres such as orchestra, jazz, EDM, techno, vocaloid, pop, R & B, and world music.

Award history

2010 Cleo Fuga Local Song Championship Excellence Award

2020 Sound Creator of the Year Semi-Grand Prix


In junior high school, I’m crazy about composing with a synthesizer.

Entered the Faculty of Agriculture University to become an “agricultural musician”

Get hooked on the band’s activities.

Work at a farm and learn organic farming.

Become a civil servant to play music

Retired as a civil servant because he couldn’t play music.

Work at a music school as a vocal, piano and composition instructor.

Start a business of “Oto Note”

Equipment used

  • ROLAND XP-60
  • KORG LP-350
  • SONAR8 Producer Edition
  • UA-25EX
  • UR22mkⅡ
  • KOMPLETE 12 collector’s edition
  • Cubase10
  • Waves

Favorite person

  • John Williams
  • Danny Elfman
  • Michael Nyman
  • Lloyd Webber
  • David Wise
  • Vangelis
  • Vince Guaraldi
  • Michael Jackson
  • Prince
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Queen
  • D’Angelo