Basically, a musician who is easy-going and carefree.

Composer, vocalist, pianist, music teacher.

Loves cats.

He respects all music.

His hobbies are open mic, vegetable gardening, walking, muscle training, aquarium, houseplants, seven-wheel barbecue, cross bike, driving, traveling, drawing, live game playing, comedy, comedy, spirituality, and lottery.

The things I consider important are food, clothing, shelter, music, routine, exercise, abstinence, work, money, investing, websites, column writing, and YouTube, all of which I link and continue to work hard on.

In the future, I would like to win a Grammy Award and belong to Yoshimoto Kogyo.

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Music history

His specialty instruments are piano, vocals, guitar, and shinobue.

As a piano player, he specializes in classical, jazz, and film music.

He is also highly skilled as a vocalist, and his live performances of narrative music are popular among his core fans.

As a composer, he specializes in various genres including orchestral, jazz, EDM, techno, vocaloid, pop, R&B, and ethnic music.

Award history

2010 Cleo Fuga Local Song Championship Excellence Award

2020 Sound Creator of the Year Semi-Grand Prix


Born at 10:55 p.m. (Thursday) in Chikusa-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
Birthplace god is Takamu Shrine
Junior high school days
She is fascinated with composing music on a synthesizer.
In his “Dream of the Future” essay class, he announced that he would become an “agricultural musician” who plays music while working in the fields because of his love of Ghibli and living creatures.
He is a pioneer of the slow life.
One’s college days
I wanted to be an “agricultural musician” and I also wanted to be a “real music lover” who would not go to a music college. and “Real music lovers don’t go to music college!
Became obsessed with band activities and storytelling.
Working adult
Studied organic farming and natural farming methods by working for a farmer.
Joined a certain government office as a regular employee with an easy feeling that “if I am a civil servant, I can balance my musical activities with my work.
Resigned from a government office after 6 years of service because he could not balance both activities.
Sole proprietor / Freelance
Worked as a vocal, piano, and composition instructor at a major music school (ongoing)
Started “Oto no Oto” (ongoing)

Equipment used

  • XP-60 / Roland (synthesizer)
  • microKEY2-37 / KORG (MIDI Keyboard)
  • A-49 BK / Roland (MIDI Keyboard)
  • LP-380 / KORG (Electronic Piano)
  • BUSKER’S BLS300 / SHIMAMURA (electric guitar)
  • MINI II MH / CORDOBA (mini classical guitar)
  • Thumb Pick/Finger Pick / YAMAHA (Thumb Pick/Finger Pick)
  • MXL V67G / MXL (condenser microphone)
  • AT4040 / audio-technica (Condenser Microphone)
  • PROSCREEN101 / STEDMAN (metal pop guard)
  • SONAR8 Producer Edition / Cakewalk, currently BandLab (DAW)
  • Cubase12 Pro / STEINBERG (DAW)
  • UA-25EX / Roland (Audio Interface)
  • UR22mkII / STEINBERG (Audio Interface)
  • MDR-7506 / SONY (stereo headphones)
  • KOMPLETE 13 ULTIMATE collector’s edition / Native Instruments (software instrument)
  • Waves Horizon / Waves (mixing and mastering)
  • Waves Mercury / Waves (mixing and mastering)
  • Total Studio 2 MAX / IK Multimedia (software instruments, mixing and mastering)
  • Total Studio 3.5 MAX / IK Multimedia (software instruments, mixing and mastering)
  • Holiday Bundle / iZotope (mixing and mastering)
  • Music Production Suite 4 / iZotope (mixing and mastering)
  • SSL 4000 Collection / Waves (mixing and mastering)
  • Abbey Road Collection / Waves (mix mastering)
  • NIGHT / Noble (Ocarina in C Alto)

Favorite person

John WilliamsDanny ElfmanMichael Nyman
Lloyd WebberDavid WiseVangelis
Vince GuaraldiAlan MenkenSun Araw
Ennio MorriconeLin-Manuel MirandaQuincy Jones
Michael JacksonPrinceStevie Wonder
QueenD’AngeloBob Marley
Ella MaiSiaNico Favresse and Sean Villanueva
Ariana Grande

You Tube