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“Oto Note” provides free music and sound effects. Music can be used for any purpose. Please read the terms of use before using.

Composition request

“Oto Note” accepts composition requests for movies, TV, commercials, games, YouTube, etc. We can produce the original music you want. Please feel free to order.

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Composer “Satoshi Maeda”

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The business of “Oto Note” is as follows.

  • Royalty-free music distribution
  • Music production that meets various needs

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Features of free music(Please read the terms of service for details)

Find the music you want

A wide variety of music materials with various atmospheres that are easy to search!

High quality music

There are many unique and high quality musics!

The purpose of use is free

Commercial purpose OK! Can be used for any purpose!
It can also be used for BGM such as Youtube!

Arrange OK

Arrangement such as editing and processing is OK!

No usage report required

No usage report required! However, I would be grateful if you could comment on the forum.


Royalty free! Free download! Free of charge! (* Not copyright-free)