Free music “Mist”

●Atmosphere:Mysterious and powerful
■Instruments:Folk instruments, orchestras, drums
★Comment:This song was rejected in the contest at that time!
It’s embarrassing to hear it now!

Hundreds of years have passed since the war?
The failure of chemical weapons has engulfed the earth in the haze.
The sunlight was blocked and many creatures disappeared.

However, human beings are strong and lived brightly and robustly even in a world surrounded by haze.
Insects and a few plants have become our food source.
In what was once called Japan, there was a boy who remained innocent.
He wanted to see the world. It seems that this cloudy world was once beautiful.

A airplane pilot appears in front of him.
It seems that he is about the same age, but his gaze looks like an adult.
He seems to have crash landed from an area called the West due to a breakdown.
The two boys are the main characters in the story.

The pilot seems to be flying around the world looking for something.
The boy was thrilled to hear various stories from him.
There are still many things he does not know in the world.

The boy somehow liked the pilot.
He lives in a different area, but his story is interesting and intimate.
He said he would leave again once the plane had been repaired.
The boy told the pilot that he wanted him to be on board too.
Of course he nodded.
The world was surrounded by haze, but there was light in the boys’ hearts.

Attributes Cool Excitement Brave Serious Mysterious
Genre Jazz Orchestral Cinematic Acoustic World

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